Having read the Federman article for this week, your task is to explore three spaces that you visit regularly and notice what you would usually ignore. For each of the spaces:

  1. Sketch - draw by hand - elements of the space that you typically pay attention to.
  2. Compare your drawing to what is actually present in the space, notice what did not appear in your sketch.
  3. Now sketch what was missing and reflect on why it was not something that warranted your attention before.
  4. Write a short summary (max 100 words) on at least one item you did not pay attention to, and consider why that may have been the case.


Post your notes and sketches to this discussion as well as bring them to class.

For full marks

  1. Sketches of three spaces: what you usually notice, then what you didn't
  2. A short summary for each space (100 words) as to what you missed, and why