Remembering to Think Visually

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Course Evals

We will first be doing the course evals. It is often most useful if you can highlight for us points of persistent confusion, or things you found most beneficial. Course information:

The Final

The course final is comprised of two parts:

  1. The take-home, released today (worth 5%)
  2. The in-class, done next week (worth 10%)

Visual Communication Design

The ability to analyze and create effective visual media messages.

What We Expect

Unlike the quizzes, we will not be testing on if you can remember precise concepts from a specific reading. We will be asking you to apply and use concepts covered in the course.

Design Process

What is meant by design being an iterative process? and what techniques might we use to generate ideas?

Design + Photographic Principles

What are some of the design principles and photographic principles we have talked about?


The elements that support the concept, intention or idea:

  • Shot length
  • Angle
  • Composition


Remember that fonts have:

  • Personality
  • History
  • Meaning
A logo for Agatha's Massage Parlour set in a letterman's jacket styled font

Image and Text

Remember that the combination of image and text is a balance: Either or both together can form the focus of the message.

Image and text

Image and Text

Questions to determine pairings, do the image and text...

Image and Text

Another technique

To help you determine pairings, cover the text and look at the image. Then do the reverse.


Understanding how meaning is built from connotations and denotations will likely be important to recall.


Remember the arc of our narratives:

  1. Exposition: Introduces characters and situation
  2. Turning point + complicating action: Conflict occurs and obstacles encountered in pursuit of goal
  3. Climax + resolution: Goal achieve or conflict resolved

Visual Storytelling

Remember how sequence, arrangement, and framing of panels enhances a narrative.


Remember that timing, easing, and squash/stretch create more realistic animation.

Be Prepared

You know the areas we will ask questions on, so be prepared to write about:

The Take-home

Will be delivered through Canvas much like any of your other quizzes. Consider it your final exam primer.


Final Exam Reminders

For next week

Please remember!

  1. Do the take-home exam
  2. Prep for the final exam

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