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Stop. Motion.

Visual Communication and Interaction

When considering visual communication, think about how are we meant to interact with it. Context helps us design more effective messages.

Context of Location

In what context would you see this? Would it only be effective in this context?

Context of Content

What design principles are used in this poster? How do they help clarify the message?

Context of Time

Why might it be relevant that this was released in January? How might it be targetting readers?

What is the Context

Context Problems

How to Make a Stop Motion

We are using a photographic sequence to provide the illusion of movement.

The Product


Stop Motion Demo

Andrew's stop-motion demo tool.

Stop-motion Activity

You will be:

  1. Taking a series of photos to create a simple animation
  2. You must have a minimum of 3 seconds of stop-motion
  3. Put the image sequence together using a tool of your choice
  4. Post the animation to today's discussion (as a link or file)

Options to Assemble Your Images

P03 Submission

There have been some questions on how to submit your final projects, here is a breakdown:

P03 Discussion

Please pull out any materials you have for P04.

  1. Explain your idea to your idea to your neighbour in 2 sentences or less
  2. Ask eachother to identify your message or concept
  3. How does the form you have chosen influence your idea?
  4. How might using other forms positively or negatively influence the idea?
  5. How do you plan on completing the project?

For next week

Please remember!

  1. Bring P03 for feedback
  2. Complete participation for next week by Monday

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