The T in Type

Close All Laptops Please

Only the right half of the class may use their laptops.

Close all laptops please

P01 Returned

The major concerns that came up:

P02 Critique Time

Find at least two other classmates to sit with and discuss your work.

Make sure to take notes on what you discuss.

Step 1

You will have about 10 minutes

Show your photos that you have taken without mentioning your message yet.
Your peers should describe what they see:

Step 2

You will have about 10 minutes

Say what your topic or opinion is.
Your peers should now interpret the images for their meaning:

Step 3

You will have about 10 minutes

Summarize your peer's thoughts.


Please double-check the final deliverables and project rubric before submitting:

The History of Type


"[Typography] is a craft by which the meanings of text (or its absence of meaning) can be clarified, honoured, and shared..."
Robert Bringhurst


Humanist, sans, graphic, transition, serif, etc; these do not define typefaces, these describe them.

A listing of type categories "What Font Should I Use?"

Why You Should Care

Different type classifications give us an understanding of what meanings or era they convey.

Purpose of Type

A series of signs on the highway

Purpose of Type

A photo of a newspaper

Purpose of Type

An advertisement promoting maintaining your car for safety

Purpose of Type

A sample of a spread from Vogue on Prom Nightmares

Finding Type

You will now be going out on the hunt for type.

  1. Find two examples
  2. Sketch out just the type
  3. Sketch out where you found it next to it

Identifying Type (Part 2)

With each type, write underneath:

Identifying Type (Part 3)

Please submit your type at the front of class (with your name on it).

Helvetica Love

Helvetica Examples

Yahoo logo
Yahoo logo in Helvetica

Helvetica Hate

Helvetica Examples

The Home Depot logo
The Home Depot logo in Helvetica

Comic Sans Examples

Louis Vuitton logo
Louis Vuitton logo in comic sans

Comic Sans Examples

Disney logo
Disney logo in comic sans

Comic Sans Examples

Harley Davidson logo
Harley Davidson logo in comic sans


Be wary of when your content and type do not match.

Big Al's Harley Club


An ad for a calm, relaxing country manor set in a bolded, red font


An ad a Megadeath metal concert set in a very old-style script font

Find a Match

Using find a font that says "nice relaxing weekend on the beach".

Read the Brief

A good portion (30-40%) of issues from P01 resulted from individuals not reading the project brief and missing pieces of the project as a result.

For after reading week

Please remember!

  1. Finish P01
  2. Complete the second quiz

When image meets text.

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