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Why We Fail

The design process

Tales of Creativity and Play

Tales of Creativity and Play (Tim Brown)

Creativity Notes

We Fail to Improve

Design Process

The design process is not terribly complex:

  1. Define + Research
  2. Ideate + Create
  3. Choose + Try
  4. Learn (and repeat)

Design Process

Mapping it with last week's materials:

  1. Define + Research: Look + See
  2. Ideate + Create: Imagine + Show
  3. Choose + Try
  4. Learn (and repeat)

Design Process is Maleable

Rarely will you ever move through the design process in a straight line.

We Fail to Fail

I Can't Draw

Will I fail this course?


We will not be assessing you on drawing ability, but we will be assessing you on ideation.

Successful Ideation

Exploring ideas in a design process involves not only generating lots of ideas, but also variety and quality ideas.


Hand-rendered visual ideas that are:

Let's Sketch

Let's Sketch

Let's Sketch

Let's Sketch

Let's Sketch

Now make five scenes in one minute

P01: Proposal

Let's take a moment to explore your first project.


The 'Rules'

'storming P01

What you'll be doing:

  1. As a group, come up with and sketch ideas
  2. Make notes as necessary
  3. You will have 10 minutes

Action Verbs

Taking an initial idea and applying different actions to it, to explore further options. For example:

  • Minify it
  • Stretch it
  • Squish it
  • Turn it
  • ______ it

Action Verbs

What you'll be doing:

  1. Using the sketches you have
  2. Apply the following action verbs to your sketches, and re-sketch them
    • Turn it
    • Explode it
    • Lighten it
    • Obscure it
  3. You will have 10 minutes

Any Questions?

We Fail to Learn

Graphic Principles

Point, Line and Plane

Our building blocks.

Lines in Photography

Lines in Photography


Helps to create motion.

Rhythm in Photography


Helps indicate importance.

Scale in Photography

Scale in Photography


Guides our attention.

Symmetry in Photography

Symmetry in Photography

Asymmetry in Photography


Can provide detail.

Texture in Photography


Gives us a mood or clarifies information.

Colour in Photography


For next week

Please remember!

  1. Start working on P01
  2. Bring a camera to next week's lecture
  3. Bring your sketchbook

Next week will be about the mystical 'creative'.

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