A01: Image


Using a digital camera and photo processing software you will explore using images to express a message. Images must be of your own making and cannot be from the internet.

Due: PDF uploaded to Canvas before the Week 4 lecture.


Your photos should express something you have a strong opinion about. These could be personal, social, political, environmental, cultural, etc. You will use tools of visual composition to emphasis your position on the topic you have selected. All your photographs should be on the same topic and be related in some way, though note that they do not have to be from the same time, location or contain the same objects.


You will perform a McLuhanesque probe into your topic. Your work should show a thoughtful, curious, engagement with your topic. You should expect to do several drafts of your work before settling on 4 images to submit. Each image you take should lead to more questions, more investigation and more "probing" into your topic.

You will be expected to edit your images in post-production to improve quality and design if needed and that you apply visual design techniques that are taught in the course to produce visually pleasing images.


  1. Your 4 photos

  2. A description of your concept or probe (250 word maximum), which should cover:

  3. A reflection on the process (750 word maximum), which should cover:

  4. An analysis (500 word maximum), which should cover:

Please remember that for any written component that makes use of others' ideas should reference them clearly using appropriate and consistent formatting (i.e. MLA, APA).

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before the lecture on week 4. Please remember that professionalism in your submission is important:

Late Submissions

Late submissions receive a 10% penalty per day late.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade, with each requirement receiving points as outlined below.

  1. Your 4 photos (2 points)
  2. Description of the concept or probe (2 points)
  3. A reflection on the process (6 points)
  4. An analysis (5 points)