05 The T in Type

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The T in Type

The History of Type


"[Typography] is a craft by which the meanings of text (or its absence of meaning) can be clarified, honoured, and shared..."
Robert Bringhurst


Humanist, sans, graphic, transition, serif, etc; these do not define typefaces, these describe them.

A listing of type categories "What Font Should I Use?": Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces

Why You Should Care

Different type classifications give us an understanding of what meanings or era they convey.

Serif Humanist

Serif Transitional

Serif Modern

Sans Geometric


Finding Type

You will now be going out on the hunt for type.

  1. Go out and find two examples of typography in use
  2. Sketch out the examples on a cue-card
  3. Bring back and deliver them to the front of class

Identifying Type (Part 2)


Helvetica Love

Helvetica Examples

Yahoo logo
Yahoo logo in Helvetica

Helvetica Hate

Helvetica Examples

The Home Depot logo
The Home Depot logo in Helvetica

Comic Sans

Comic Sans Examples

Louis Vuitton logo
Louis Vuitton logo in comic sans

Comic Sans Examples

Disney logo
Disney logo in comic sans

Comic Sans Examples

Harley Davidson logo
Harley Davidson logo in comic sans


Be wary of when your content and type do not match.


An ad for a calm, relaxing country manor set in a bolded, red font 23 Really Bad Font Choices (bonfx)


An ad a Megadeath metal concert set in a very old-style script font 23 Really Bad Font Choices (bonfx)

Find a Match

Using DaFont.com find a font that says "nice relaxing weekend on the beach".

Find a Match

Using DaFont.com find a font that would help this image say 'freedom'.

A photo of an eagle flying through the sky.

Images + Text

With your neighbours, take a look at the images you have come up with for A01 and:

  1. Determine what your message is
  2. Discuss what statement can reinforce this message
  3. Find at least 2 fonts that support this message

A02 Consider

Putting the Face Back in Typeface

Placing Type

Placing Type

A01 Grading

Your A01 projects and grades will be returned next week. We will discuss general concerns and considerations then to help you improve on A02.

A02 Drafts

This week's participation has you generating drafts for your A02. We are looking for you to complete, post, and bring in:

Application of Design Principles

For this project, a portion of your grade is on application of design principles. We will be assessing you on how well you are using what we have covered in class in the design you have formed.

For next week

Please remember!

  1. Bring a camera to next week's lecture
  2. Complete your 'participation' assignment

Telling a story.

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