P04: Reflection


Using any of the formats covered in this course or a combination of, you will create a clearly designed message on the topic of your choosing. The following formats are permitted for this project, any non-visual design forms (i.e. sound) as well as video or film are not permitted:

If you are unsure about the format you are choosing, please check with your instructors.

Due: PDF uploaded to Canvas before the Week 12 lecture, and any physical deliverables (if necessary).


In your final project you will work with a topic that is of interest to you; it may be from another course, or a topic of personal interest. The expectation is that you will do any necessary research to understand the topic to allow you to communicate that topic to your given audience effectively.


Given this is the final project we will not be providing a specific process to follow. You are expected to explore the design process as necessary to find the most effective way to communicate the given message or topic. Remember that more exploration of the problem that you perform, the better the end result often is. Potential tools that you can use include:

You will step through the design process as you see fit, and create a process summary that illustrates how the process went. Your analysis will focus on why your design succeeds in conveying the given message to your audience using the principles you have applied, as well as explaining why the chosen medium helps convey the message.

Using Other's Materials

For this project, you are permitted to work with materials from other sources. All materials not yours, must be cited appropriately, and any visual materials that are not yours must be reworked in a way that clearly demonstrates your own design considerations. Simply appropriating visual materials without considerable reworking will be considered plagiarism. When in doubt, ask your instructors.

Please remember that any component that makes use of others' ideas should reference them clearly using appropriate and consistent formatting (i.e. MLA, APA).


  1. Your design, which communicates a clear message to a specific audience.
  2. A concept summary (max 250 words) which defines the audience and purpose to your design.
  3. A process summary (max 750 words) that explains how the process went.
  4. An analysis (max 750 words) that effectively argues why the design succeeds.

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before the lecture on week 12. Any physical materials (i.e. flipbooks) are to be delivered at the beginning of the lecture on week 12. Please remember that professionalism in your submission is important:

Late and Problematic Submissions

Late submissions receive a 10% penalty per day late.
Improperly submitted files receive an automatic 25% deduction.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade, with each requirement receiving points as outlined below.