P03: Image + Text


In this project you will explore the image/text relationship and how they work together to form meaning. The text you add should enhance the audience's understanding or create a new perspective on your work.

Due: PDF uploaded to Canvas before the Week 9 lecture.


In Scott McCloud's chapter of Understanding Comics entitled "Show and Tell," he identifies seven common word-image relationships unique to comics. McCloud explains that "people have a misconception that the combination of image and text is 'simplistic'."

Based on McCloud's categorization system (listed below), you will be creating four different image/text combinations. Text and image must work together to create a new meaning.


There are multiple weeks in which to complete this project, and as a result, the process has been broken up into manageable pieces for you to work with.

For Week 7's lecture
  1. Come up with a topic or message you would like to convey visually. Consider:

  2. Look and see how this topic is portrayed or talked about. Do research as necessary to understand your given topic.

  3. Given your topic or message, imagine and show sketches of the photos you plan on taking, and how the text might be applied. Consider:

  4. Find suitable fonts for your text and image pairings. Avoid using fonts that already exist on your computer.

For Week 8's lecture
  1. Iterate and improve on your image-text combinations. Consider:

  2. Process the photos (or not) as you see fit to help clarify your message. Remember that you should not simply use filters 'because they are cool'; they should help convey the intended message.

  3. Ensure you understand which image and text combinations you are using and why they help strengthen or clarify your message.

Final Deliverables (For Week 9's lecture)

  1. Finalize your 4 image-text combinations. Make sure to clearly label what kind of pairings you have formed.

  2. Write a brief description (max 150 words) of the topic you have undertaken and who your intended audience is.

  3. Write a process summary of how (max 750 words) you went about generating the final set of photos. You can include images of your process as needed, though you want to help us understand:

  4. Write an analysis of why (max 500 words) your design succeeds. This analysis should refer to the final image and text pairings and use design and photographic principles along with rationale for the pairing type to demonstrate why the design is successful in conveying your given message.

Please remember that any component that makes use of others' ideas should reference them clearly using appropriate and consistent formatting (i.e. MLA, APA).

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before the lecture on week 9. Please remember that professionalism in your submission is important:

Late and Problematic Submissions

Late submissions receive a 10% penalty per day late. Improperly submitted files receive an automatic 25% deduction.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade, with each requirement receiving points as outlined below.