P02: Image


Continuing from P01, you will now bring your ideas to fruition. Using a digital camera and photo processing software or apps, you will explore using 4-5 images to express a message. Images must be of your own making and cannot be from the internet and cannot include any text added by you.

Due: PDF uploaded to Canvas before the Week 6 lecture.


Your topic can be the same as you had for P01, or may be entirely revised. It is up to you which direction you take, but keep in mind that we are assessing your process as part of this project. A weak process often results in a weak final outcome.


There are multiple weeks in which to complete this project, and as a result, the process has been broken up into manageable pieces for you to work with.

For Week 5's lecture
  1. Given you are taking a specific stance, determine who is your intended audience? Consider:

  2. Go out and take the photos you had planned. Be prepared to:

  3. Given the photos you have taken, consider:

  4. Process the photos (or not) as you see fit to help clarify your message. Remember that you should not simply use filters 'because they are cool'; they should help convey the intended message.

Final Deliverables (For Week 6's lecture)

  1. As needed, re-take your photos or take new photos to improve on conveying your message. Process them as you see fit.

  2. Select 4-5 photos that will be your final set. Write a brief description (max 150 words) of the topic you have undertaken and who your intended audience is.

  3. Write a process summary of how (max 750 words) you went about generating the final set of photos. You can include images of your process as needed, though you want to help us understand:

  4. Write an analysis of why (max 500 words) your design succeeds. This analysis should refer to the final images and use design and photographic principles to demonstrate why the design is successful in conveying your given message.

Please remember that any component that makes use of others' ideas should reference them clearly using appropriate and consistent formatting (i.e. MLA, APA).

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before the lecture on week 6. Please remember that professionalism in your submission is important:

Late Submissions

Late submissions receive a 10% penalty per day late. Improperly submitted files receive an automatic 25% deduction.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade, with each requirement receiving points as outlined below.