P01: Process


Exploring potential ideas for your second project (P02) using the design process and sketching.

Due: PDF uploaded to Canvas before the Week 4 lecture.


Your ideas should express something you have a strong opinion about. These could be personal, social, political, environmental, cultural, etc. You will use tools of visual composition to emphasis your position on the topic you have selected. All your sketches should be on the same topic and be related in some way, though note that they do not have to be from the same time, location or contain the same objects.

Your work should show a thoughtful, curious, engagement with your topic. Each image you take should lead to more questions, more investigation and more "probing" into your topic.


There are multiple weeks in which to complete this project, and as a result, the process has been broken up into manageable pieces for you to work with.

Week 2
  1. Come up with three concepts or ideas that you want to express visually.
  2. For each of these concepts come up with two stances on that topic. Potential approaches to coming up with two stances on the topic:
  3. Look and see how this topic is typically portrayed or talked about. Do research through the internet, newspaper, magazines, books or even talking to others to understand different potential stances on the topic. Take notes, sketches and photos as part of your research.
Week 3
  1. For each of your stances (there should be six), imagine and show five different sketches (at minimum) of how the photos you take might look. Make sure to think about and illustrate:

  2. From the six stances, select one stance that you want to pursue for Project 2. Explore using different design thinking techniques to improve upon your initial five sketches. The type of techniques used, and how many resulting sketches there are is up to you.

  3. Summarize why you have chosen the given stance, and why it is the best of the set including:

Final Deliverables (Week 4)

Make sure all your deliverables are clearly labelled to help us understand which sketches relate to which concept.

  1. A list of your three concepts, and the two stances for each
  2. A collection of your research notes including sources (using proper formats)
  3. All your sketches
  4. A summary of your chosen concept (400 words maximum)

Please remember that any component that makes use of others' ideas should reference them clearly using appropriate and consistent formatting (i.e. MLA, APA).

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before the lecture on week 4. Please remember that professionalism in your submission is important:

Late Submissions

Late submissions receive a 10% penalty per day late. Improperly submitted files receive an automatic 25% deduction.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is worth 10% of your final grade, with each requirement receiving points as outlined below.