09 Making Things Move


Smackdown Faculty Debate - Nov 5th

SFU Smackdown Faculty Debate

Close All Laptops Please

Only the back half of the class may use their laptops.

Making Things Move

The Final Countdown

Just an overview of the next couple weeks:

P04 Introduction

Your final assignment allows you to approach a topic of interest to you. Based on this topic, you will develop and communicate message using your choice of:

P04 Process

How you explore the process is up to you, but some of the tools you may want to employ:

  1. sketching
  2. brainstorming
  3. action verbs
  4. mind mapping
  5. research
  6. storyboarding
  7. iteration

P04 Materials

You may work with other's materials for this project, but any materials that are not your own must be cited, as well as any visual materials that are not yours must be reworked in a way that clearly demonstrates your own design considerations.

When in doubt, talk to us.


Photo Flipbooks

Flipbook Pieces


A flipbook of photographs?


Drawing it yourself.



Key Frames

Much like our storyboards, you should plan the major changes.

Create your own keyframe storyboards.

Animation Basics


The speed of an action, which gives meaning to the movement.

Smooth Timing

To achieve smooth animation, a pair of keyframes may have hundreds of frames between.


Using anticipation you can prepare the audience for an action. While a lack of anticipation can create a sense of surprise.


Things don't move at a constant rate, they have to accelerate (ease in) and decelerate (ease out).


Perfect imitations of reality can look static or dull. You want to use exaggeration to emphasize.

Squash & Stretch

Squashing and stretching objects gives them a sense of weight and flexibility.

Visual Communication and Motion

Motion Ui Design Principles (Beyond Kinetic)

Make Your Flipbooks

Translate your storyboards into flipbooks.

P04 Questions

We will now give you time to pose any one-on-one questions or bounce ideas for P04 off us.

For next week

Please remember!

  1. Bring a camera to next week's lecture
  2. Complete Quiz 4



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