04 Worth 1000 Words

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Only the back half of the class may use their laptops.

Close all laptops please

Worth 1000 Words

Carson on Design

David Carson (famous grunge typographer and surfer) gives us some things to think about design-wise.

Pictures' 1000 Words


  1. Have two parts:
  2. The Signifier, which is the form we can physically sense
  3. The Signified; which is the mental or psychological associations

An Example of Signs


A photo of a kitten



Icon, Index, Symbol

These define three approaches that we take to defining the relationship between the signifier and signified.

Why These Are Important

Icon, index and symbol illustrate different ways we can build clarity in meaning when trying to convey a message. It also help assess how clearly that relationship may be understood.


How do we open this door?


The literal or descriptive meaning.




The individual or cultural meaning.





Connote / Denote

Connote / Denote

Any questions?

P02 Introduction

Working from P01, you will now bring your concepts to photographic form.

P02 Audience

As part of P02, we need to understand who your message targets, who is the receiver? Give us enough detail to be potentially empathize with the person. As a result, their thoughts or state of being tends to be more useful than demographic information.

Cameras and Software

As has been mentioned previously, you are entirely welcome to use whatever cameras or software you see fit, but remember that all photos and work must be your own.

Tutorials for the free Graphic Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) are available on Canvas.

Participation this Week

Given the concept that you are pursuing, go out and take 1-2 photos that might illustrate your concept. Then submit the images to the Canvas discussion.

You will have until...


Why designers weep

Critique is an integral part of design.

Let's Critique

Find two other classmates to sit and discuss your work with.

Step 1

You will have about 5 minutes

Show your photos that you have taken without mentioning your message yet. Your peers should describe what they see:

Step 2

You will have about 5 minutes

Show your sketches (if you have them), and describe how you plan on processing the photos. Your peers should analyze the composition and how you plan on processing the photos:

Step 3

You will have about 5 minutes

Say what your topic or opinion is. Your peers should now interpret the images for their meaning:

Step 4

You will have about 5 minutes

Summarize your peer's thoughts.


Why and How?

Reasons for designing

In this week's reading, Chimero brings up a series of polarities:

This is Your Reflection

P02: For Next Week

For P02, you should aim to have the following for next week's lecture:

We will critiquing your work in lecture, so bringing some deliverables to talk about is recommended!

For next week

Please remember!

  1. Work on P02
  2. Bring photos ready to talk about

Type, and how to
work it!

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